Amangiri Luxury Resort Hotel in Canyon Point, Utah

Amangiri, also known as Four Corners, is a holiday resort located in southwestern part of USA, on the borders of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona (therefore Four Corners). Rick Joy, Wendell Burnette & Marwan Al-Sayed designed a hotel that boasts a dramatic landscape scenery with deep canyons and towering plateaus. This area was a home of the Navajo and Hopi tribes for many centuries, but nowadays this sparsely populated and barren land, became a symbol of southwestern America. The architectonic complex blends with the landscape due to the use of materials in natural hues and textures and a careful design.

These structures provide an intimate environment in scale of the vast natural landscape. The complex is accessible by a winding road, which descends into the valley and leads visitors towards the central building. The main pavillion stretches around a swimming pool, and integrates a natural stone escarpment. The pavillion shelters common areas, a gallery, a library, a dining area and a cellar. Two residential wings pointing towards the desert contain alltogether 34 suites. From any point in the whole resort, guests can enjoy views of an unspoilt valley surrounded by grand mountains.


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  1. The design layout and your photos are superbly done. Will forward your site to my friends in US and Europe.

  2. as a hotel is georgeus, the landscape fabulous, only one question, what are the activities over there?

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