Autodesk R&D center by Studio BA

The main idea was to teach the software developers about the needs of architects and designers, by placing objects that emphasize the 3d and multi-material complexity of it. Located in the center of the office, these objects are used to create the formal and informal meeting, lectures and relaxation space.

The office area is about 500 square meters and located right beside the Tel Aviv harbor, the Israeli R&D center is the AutoCAD WS developers. it contains a ministand, video games space, relaxation space, dining area, meeting rooms and private/ common workspaces.

The 3d multi-material object, is made out of steel, glass, wood and fabric. It enables movement around, within and on top of it. The space offers a place to work and take a break. It includes a meeting room, video games lounge, ministand for lectures\gatherings and a relaxation roof top space, that enables a view of the entire office.

The dining table made from 6mm bent steel, was designed as a dual function object. it enables a standard height seating as well as a bar height seating. its size and position allows the dinning space to blend as an inseparable part of the office.

An open space terrace platforms that enables , a view towards the office and main window while working. It emphasize its 3D, by being an object with divers angles and heights, that allows the employees to move through and around it.


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