Cube Court House by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

In Tokyo, Japan, an another example of simple Japanese architecture arose. Creators of this family house, situated in a calm villa ward of a city, populated by several millions of people, are a group of architects Shinichi Ogawa & Associates. Nowadays, a lot of houses are being stamped with the label “minimalistic”, even though it’s not always fitting. But in this case, the word “minimalistic” is well earned. The house has a simple white facade.

Only a single prismal piece protrudes to the street, and it is ended off with a transparent wall, that is meant to make the expression of the house something special. The house has three floors, with the highest one being an open glasshouse, covering only some parts of the second floor. The house is designed in a way that creates enough rooms for maximum privacy. An unique characteristic of the house besides the front facade is the inner atrium, through which the light is channeled into the interiors.


6 thoughts on “Cube Court House by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates”

  1. It is too white, i like the gesture here but personally I would find the over-use of white too cloudy and suffocating…

  2. Firstly, Tokio is a 5 people boys band.

    I think this project is not yet a well thought through, it leaves the wall on top of TV cabinet a awkward space….something seems missing there.

    The outlook is good, but didn’t put much effort inside.

  3. I like the concept, but the practicalities of living in a space that is so stark, concrete floors, brick/concrete walls and glass would make the acoustics terrible inside.

    It needs to be softened – a few rugs here and there, some paintings and even curtains full length would help the accoustics.

    You couldn’t sleep if someone turned on the TV or played some music.

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