LEGOflat by I-Beam Design

An amazing idea for a sky parlour redesign arose in the design studio I-Beam Design. Their clients decided that they needed a change, and a brightening of their living. I-Beam Design together with Sean Kenney created a characteristic element for the flat – a new staircase and railing made of 20 000 Lego blocks. This resourceful detail immediately claims the attention of visitors. Lego not only brightens up the room while not disrupting the impression, but by contrast it aestethically and functionally complements the interior.

The project was fairly challenging, because it took two weeks to create only the lego countershaft. Basic colors were used, mostly white, red, yellow and blue. The rest of the furniture was also tuned in this color scheme. A small advice at the end: if your children have already grown up, and you have several kilos of leftover Lego blocks, this might be one of the tips on how to reuse them.


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