Yusuhara wooden bridge museum by Kengo Kuma associates

This project comes from the hands of the Tokyo/Paris based practice Kengo Kuma + Associates and is located in Yusuhara, a town in the Kochi prefecture, Japan. Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum embodies a fusion of traditional Japanese design and contemporary architectonic thinking and strives to harmonically coexist with the surrounding natural landscape. Alternating arrangement of interwoven wooden beams creates a construction which floats in the air, supported by a single central pillar.

Glass shafts with steel framework stand on each end of the bridge and due to their transparency blend in with the background vegetation. A triangular form of the museum is inspired by the shapes of a nearby hill and an adjacent building. The overlapping layers of wood are transcribed into the ceiling indoors where the same inverted triangle form is also apparent.

photo: designboom.com

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