3Sixty cafe by Isminikarali design

It is located on the ground floor of a neoclassical building of 1836 in the historic city center.

The renovation of the building lasted nearly a year and houses -except for the 3Sixty café at the ground floor – and a boutique hotel in the near future. The concept of the interior design is the result of the creative thinking of the Interior Architect, Ismini Karali.

Respecting the building’s history and distinctive architectural features, she composed a metropolitan style with timeless connotation, but from which no lacking inventiveness and artistic sense.

References to the architectural movements of the last century that marked the urban construction in large cities are described in huge graphic of the roof of buffet. But the reminder that out on the road, left the building, once the visitors of the house tied up the horses was the addition of black and white photographs of horses in spectacular boiserie, on the walls.

On the right, is the hall where is a large bar with impressive wine cellar and two inscriptions on the walls of the other side, indicate the importance of one’s imagination to people’s life, by continuing to write with a startling way from the wall on the roof: “A colorful pencil long enough to draw at the ceiling “.

The other sign stands next to the doorknob “hand-le” a knob created by Naomi Thellier de Poncheville, and speakingabout the endless optimism of those who believe that the obstacles are nothing more than disguised opportunities.

The black lights Giant 1227, exalted above the tables of the lobby, for the first time in bracket version, specially designed for this space by the company Anglepoise.. The kitchen raised and covered with black glass that reduces the volume of its construction, so the stuff can monitor the traffic in the hall from the rectangular opening in front of the construction.

The six mirrors on the wall of the living room with red embraces and concealed lighting and the wooden iris pendant lights, give a ton of tension and drama give a ton of theatrical tension and drama in space. The presence of the black fireplace by focus at the corner of the living room and the black chimney that goes up at the elaborate wooden ceiling, directs an intimate environment with a strong character that he cannot leave anyone unmoved.

Design Challenges: The old building at the number of 26 at Papanikolaou Street, at the historical city of the first capital of Greece, craved for a generous renovation. We had to start from the basement where we found the sea level under the old floor. Than after this, order had the decayed walls of the first floor and the overall supporting of the roof.

But beyond the construction difficulties, the biggest challenge was to invent a design that succeeds to meet two basic requirements: to respect the historic character and strict building regulations of the city that will host it and the same time to be modern without resorting to easy gimmicks. Even, perhaps most importantly of all requests were to succeed to have a strong artistic style without to be a barrier to its function as a lounge and winebar.

Design Results: Respecting the building’s history and its distinctive architectural features, we composed a metropolitan style with timeless connotation, but from which no lacking inventiveness and artistic sense.

source: isminikarali.com

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