Church in La Laguna by Menis Arquitectos

Designing and constructing a church has never been an easy task for architects. It is a challenge to create a space not meant for accomodation or further customization, but a space that has its own soul, gives an aura of serenity and conveys intimate spiritual experience. This particular church, completed in 2008 in a town La Laguna on the island of Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain), is a challenge well done by Fernando Menis of the Menis Arquitectos.

The building consists of four volumes, visually separated by rifts in the walls that align into cross on the front nave. Apart from the obvious symbolic function they allow the daylight into the interior which strengthens the calm meditative atmosphere. The whole structure takes up more than 1000 m² and cost 600,000 euro.


3 thoughts on “Church in La Laguna by Menis Arquitectos”

  1. Poorly designes and exectured.
    @milan: Indeed but you have to agree that this is a much lower level of design. The proportions between light and volume are overlooked and the overall aesthetic is much lower quality of Tadao’s designs.

  2. What amazes me in this design is it’s solidity it’s strength and it’s positiveness, thats what the church exactly needs because people do need to feel the greatness while being in it since its a religious building.
    The big cross that’s cutting the thick concrete wall is also a great idea, in my opinion it makes me feel that the cross is super strong and powerful to be able to cut thru a very thick concrete wall, anther thing is the “light” passing thru it, it makes me feel the lightness of the cross and gives me hope and courage while looking at the bold concrete walls, i honestly love the concept, Very appreciated.

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