Diaghilev Offices by Itai Palti

Itai Palti is a successful architect / designer. He studied in London, where he worked for the Future Systems for several years and collaborated on projects such as the new National Library in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2011 he founded his own atelier in Tel Aviv. One of his first projects is the interior of Diaghilev offices, which are the core of the Boutique Live Art Hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel. The space of 100m2 was turned into offices for hotel personnel, maintenance, call centres, accounting and basically everyone responsible for the functioning of the hotel.

The project exposes the piping which usually hides above the suspended ceiling. This way the height of the room increased and the space itself became more interesting. To enrich the idea, designer lamps were used as original accessories to the pipes of various colour, shapes and sizes. Thanks to this simple feature, the interior does not need additional interventions in order to be functional while looking modern.

photos: plusmood.com

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