Education Center Nyanza by Dominikus Stark Architekten

Dominikus Stark Architekten studio from Munich contributed to the development of Ruandu, a state in the heart of Africa, also called „the land of a thousand hills“. An initial thought of designing only a shelter for a courtyard has expanded into a whole education centre after several discussions. In this agricultural landscape, the design is analogous to the local building tradition. It fits into it like a boulder in the nature.

New structures are grouped around the inner courtyard and create a novel layout together with the original building. The new buildings accessible only from the central courtyard, as they do not have any outward facing openings. An internet cafe, the only publicly accessible facility serves as an entrance into the complex and forms a forecourt. The language of the buildings, their form and execution, are created by the native material – handcrafted fired clay bricks as the integral resource for the whole complex, along with steel and wickerwork all serve constructional, protective and decorational functions.


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