Lagunarosa store by Plasma

Lagunarosa is a multi-brand store targeted at women whowant to look good, who care about their figure and wish to inpire love and desirethrough their underwear and swimsuits.
Inspired by thehoneymoon in heavenly places with beaches surrounded bytropical forests, coral reefs, white beaches, contrastingflavors and colors, PLASMA DESIGN was commissioned by LAGUNAROSA to design the conceptualization and creation of their branding and store prototype, the first of which was inaugurated in Bogotá, Colombia.
The materials used were “canabrava” (a tropical wood cultivated in different Colombian towns and used over the years in traditional Colombian construction), ceramics, steel, oak, glass, tropical plants cultivated for residential and commercial use and traditional hand crafted baskets from Colombian coastal towns.

Concept and design: Plasma Diseno (
Project directors: Carlos García + Daniel Mejía
Designers: Daniel Mejía, Carlos García, Javier Gómez, Laura Palacio, David Patino, Juan E. Ballesteros.
Production: NODO ( + Plasma (Clara Cuartas) + Contacto Arquitectura
Location:Bogotá, Colombia


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