Light Stage House by Future Studio

Future studio from Japan created a house that is very strange and unorthodox on the first glance, situated in Hiroshima, Japan. Maybe the most striking aspect of the house is its uncommon shape, resembling an ellipse in footprint. Similar curves are reflected in the interior as well, mainly the stairs or the kitchen unit. All in all, the house offers around a 100 square meters of habitable room. Its name, “Light stage house”, hints the intent of the architect – ideal lighting of interior, likening the house to a stage.

Light gets inside through angular windows, placed feignedly randomly around the whole footprint. Light is in this case considered as the most important agent influencing the quality of life of its inhabitants. Even though all the characteristics sound a little bit complicated, the house looks surprisingly soft and simple.


One thought on “Light Stage House by Future Studio”

  1. Напоминает дом мельникова в Москве, только примитивнее.
    It looks like Melnikov’s house in Moscow, but simplier.

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