“Low cost” house renovation by Quadratura arquitectos

The main premise when starting the project of this house was “Getting to do the work adapting to the tight budget of the available”. The challenge was to get a home with a stylish and functional design with a “low cost” budget.

Given that this was a complete reform of the house, which had to replace all the facilities and the existing furniture and kitchen, the task to be accomplished was not at all simple. We understood that it was absolutely necessary to spend a little more time analyzing the project and the real needs of the property in order to fine tune the budget without sacrificing a sleek, modern design.

The first task was to think how to improve the inside look of the house to get a more comfortable and brighter interior than it currently had, and bearing in mind that the public area of elongated proportions, had a unique window into one of their ends.

We decided to use white on the vertical surfaces, including painting the old brick terrace, letting light entering from the window at the back of the house bouncing off the walls above. To provide a greater sense of breadth and to have a large common area, we joined the kitchen to the living room, enlarging the area of occupation thereof by the invasion of the bar from the kitchen to the living room.

The large cabinet has been designed to promote the idea of this very unique place, generating a spatial continuity throughout its development, linking the entrance hall, kitchen, living room and dining space. To reduce production costs this furniture was made with MDF boards covered with white melamine, lowering largely the extra costs borne by it in wood panels lacquered in white. Thanks to this continuous plane at the side of the housing formed by the cabinet eliminates the residual spaces that existed in that area of the house and leave hidden and integrated facilities and different uses of necessary and useful storage in a house.

In the kitchen, we decided to replace the typical tiled finish of the walls for a painting effect “Board”, which besides getting a strong contrast with the other white walls, allows for playful creativity when painting as if they were the blackboards of the classrooms. This decision has not only lower costs of material execution of the works, but also allowed us to further integrate this room to the large common area, by the sharp contrast between black and white colors of their walls.

The parquet flooring plywood made with synthetic, allowed to maintain economic control of the work and also brought a touch of warmth to the rest of the house. This flooring has a special surface treatment to use it on the kitchen, offering all the guarantees necessary durability and strengthening the unification of the public housing area.

Name: “Low cost” house renovation
Type: Interior design
Location: Avd. América, Madrid, Madrid – Spain
Year: 2.012

Principal Architects: Tomás Fernández García, Luis Sánchez Blasco
Cliente: Private
Architecture: QUADRATURA arquitectos
Design: QUADRATURA arquitectos
Associates: Silvia Gómez Parra
Construction: QUADRATURA arquitectos
Interiorism: QUADRATURA arquitectos
Area: 60 sq. m
Photography: Lugermad

source: quadraturaarquitectos.com

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