Sky Condos by Miguel Montemayor

Concept: Local Atemporal Luxury
The Sky Condos located in Pezet 1257 is a new building that offers luxury in a whole other level. Modern design with high quality materials, procuring the use of local stones, keeping low energy consumption and low operation/construccion prices. NECESSITY: Draft an apartment building in one of the most important districts in Lima, Peru. STRATEGY: Design a building based on actual trends, but keeping an atemporal yet distinctive character, so it passes the test of time over the next decades. Modular concrete structure, which also conduct installation wells, leaving open and comforting habitable spaces.

Services are located where possible to the west. All habitable spaces are naturally ventilated and illuminated. The double height private garden is strategically located to the east of the plot, this will make possible to establish good ventilation, which direction vector is south east. Also the 5 meters tall tree serves as an air filter. Views to the Golf Club from master bedroom and living/dining room with generous terraces also keeping privacy.

A concrete structure made with local stone aggregates. Foundation and contention walls will be humidity optimized with special treatment. Concrete block walls with a layer of soundproofing foam. This treatment is also considered for slabs. Ventilated opaque crystal facade with double low-e glazing. This will create a thermal and sonic seal. Details with wood and granite. FLEXIBILITY: Despite of the selected skin in the proposal, the structure can be upgraded with another skin system, the options are limitless.


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