Cancer Counseling Center Proposal by EFFEKT

The winning project of a counselling centre by the Danish architects of EFFEKT atelier is designed as a group of seven smaller houses, arranged around two inner atria. The centre neighbours with a hospital in the town of N├Žstved, Denmark and its proximity allows for a mutual contact. The centre creates multi purpose spaces with its disposition. Library, kitchen, counselling spaces, clubhouses, shop, gym and other amenities were put up for the comfort of the guests.

Individual buildings are distinguished from the other hospital objects by their sadle roofs of different heights and building materials. The main inspiration for the designers was the centre Maggie. Its philosophy rests in belief, that architecture can help people feel better and that innovative spaces can inspire healing. The main factors are quality of lighting, atmosphere, mood, colour and tone of the rooms and the amount of privacy and safety.


2 thoughts on “Cancer Counseling Center Proposal by EFFEKT”

  1. WOW so calm, open and down to earth….. I imagine this atmosphere would be appealing to all… Very nice.
    Well done! This place will deffenetly serve it purpose.
    2 thumbs up!

  2. effective design idea,a peace full environment and mode with a safety courtyard adds a style to it.

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