Coastal Residence by Boora Architects

A wooden house by the American Boora Architects is situated on the coast of Oregon. A specific feature of this project is a 180° view of a surrounding landscape. The main idea was to design spaces – public or private, that would blur the boundaries of outside and inside. This resulted into two structures connected by a 45m long sheltered walkway. This also created an inner courtyard between the two.

In the smaller building, the lower floor contains a garage and the higher an office. The ground floor of the main building is dedicated to private spaces. Common areas can be found on the upper floor, open towards the nature from three sides. Wood – the most commonly used element in the house, is complemented by mainly natural materials.


3 thoughts on “Coastal Residence by Boora Architects”

  1. I just love the use of all that timber. I love timber as a finish but where I live, in South Australia, it is white ant territory.

  2. What happens when the sun starts burning the skin. Leaving area does not appears to use curtains at all.

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