Red Brick House by Pedro Fonseca Jorge

The site was the starting point of this project, as it was once a place where land was extracted. That created an abnormal landscape with practically no vegetation and a ‘depression’ that interrupted the normal fluidity of the site.

Therefore, the main purpose of the house was to ‘heal’ the site’s wounds, trough a wall that would unite the terrain’s original shape. That separated the house in two levels, with the shared spaces above, where the entrance was made (from the highest point of the plot). That made possible for the lounge, office, kitchen and patios to share the view to the horizon over the three tops in front. As for the bedrooms, the benefited the more enclosed space of the lower lever where trees acted as a limit. Also, they ‘offer’ the outdoor space to the rooms above, with their gardened roof.

As for the shape, breaking down the house in small volumes makes a reference to the region’s traditional houses, an evolutionary type who was started with a volume similar to the one at the entrance of the house: rectangular with a double slope roof. As for the material, unusual in the context, they where may private playground.


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