Domkyrkoforum by Carmen Izquierdo

Swedish architect Carmen Izquierdo is the author of a project for a cathedral forum in the city of Lund in southern Sweden. The forum is situated in the centre of the city next to the cathedral. The idea of the new project was to blend into the existing structure of the area with respect to the scale of the historical buildings around it. The shape of the building defines new public spaces such as an entry courtyard facing towards the Kyrkogatan street, an entry passage across the cathedral and a triangle shaped square facing the Kungsgatan street. Besides creating pleasant exterior spaces the architects have focused on designing an inner atrium and a yard lined by the existing buildings.

The entry hall of the object, boasting generous proportions, was intended to be a meeting place offering its spaces for various activities such as exhibitions. The two storey atrium permeates sunlight into the parter and optically connects the public spaces with other functions of the second floor of the object. The new forum also houses an auditorium with a roof window facing two towers of the cathedral. The facade of the forum is made of a brass alloy – a natural material with a lively process of aging.


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