MedaTeca by Alterstudio Partners

MedaTeca is the new cultural hub of Meda, a town in the Monza e Brianza province in northern Italy, created by the Italian office Alterstudio Partners. This centre offers 1900 m² of culture, information technology and leisure activities as one of the thirty libraries of the BrianzaBiblioteche network. You can find and borrow more than 40 000 volumes of books. Returning them is easy and can be done at the convenient self-service drop-off point in front of the building.

Realisation of this cultural centre has focused on renovation and expansion of the original two storey building, which had stood unfinished in the central area of the town for twenty years. The architects doubled its volume and reconstructed its facade, utilizing materials, colours and large windows that enhance its communication with its surroundings and attract the public inside. The most expressive element of the facade is its insulated red aluminium casing.


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