Children’s Hospital Zürich by Herzog & de Meuron

The victory in a design competition for a children’s hospital in Zürich, Switzerland belongs to architects of a Basilei based office Herzog & de Meuron. The project is based on a three storey object of the hospital with a wooden facing that offers flexible and comfortable atmosphere for children, and a six storey research and training centre, which will become a part of the premises. Two objects with differences in typology and programs are connected with the use of forms and simple geometry. The main building of the hospital will be used for diagnostics and treatment of children and youth patients, while the research and training facility will serve scientific purposes. The hospital building will be arranged around inner atriums, where the patients are allowed to move freely. Three storeys are a result of a goal to create a place for children that does not intimidate them with its size and scale. The utilized material contributes to the more pleasant appeal of this hospital, which differentiates it from the more traditional medical facilities.


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