DK Club by Ismini Karali

DK Club is the new project of Interior Architect – Creative Director, Ismini Karali, a small but outstanding place at the Old Port of Chania, Crete, Greeece. It is part of a renown chain of stores of two successful, local entrepreneurs: Kyriakos Papasifakis – George Kanatakis. Housed in an old shipyard, the building is very strange, one oblong shaped tunnel with two entrances, but with a great view at the old harbor. The aim of the Designer, was primarily to use the existing architectural form & the historical traces of time upon the building, but given through a new look, that could create the appropriate environment for a modern place of entertainment. The use of light was of great importance and the place really transformed from an old shipyard to a lively hot spot of the town.


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