Punggol Promenade by LOOK Architects

Architects of the LOOK Architects atelier designed a project for a 4,9 km long waterfront promenade, which will serve as a major pedestrian area for the future coastal town Punggol in Singapore. Their design includes an entrance square near the planned beach, a pond with water lillies, fishing platforms extended over the water level, shaded resting spaces, observation deck, and bridges that connect individual canals. The project contributes towards improving the environment by using sustainable materials such as corten, GRC (a waterproof easy-to-install composite with glass fiber). The new Punggol promenade will offer its guests a pleasant space and a lot of opportunities for enjoying their free time.

photo: skyscrapercity.com

One thought on “Punggol Promenade by LOOK Architects”

  1. Such a nice place for recreation! I really like the concept, the nice selection of high-quality materials (the CNC perforated corten looks awesome!) and the higher level topology as well. (that pavilion looks fabulous!) But the most important thing is, that I feel totally assured that these public places are working. Not only on the photos, I could picture myself what kind of great pleasure it could be to walk through this 5 km long promenade. Nice project!

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