Senography for Greek theatre in Syracuse by OMA

Architects of the Dutch atelier OMA have recently completed a scenography project including three temporary devices which reinterpret spaces of a 2500 year old theater in Sicily’s famous town of Syracuse, Italy. The first intervention to the ancient theatre consisted of employing “the ring” – a walkway that completes a semi-circular seating terrace, envelopes the stage and the backstage spaces, while offering actors a new way of stage entry. The next element is a seven meters high tilted circular platform, reflecting the amphitheater. The platform can be turned around and opened up, which also allows for symbolic entrance of the actors. Third, and final part, is created by a circular podium, which embodies an archaic altar for Dionysian rites. Aluminum scaffolding in combination with layered plywood have been used as the materials of choice.


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