STUDIO 44 by Forma line

This studio was designed by young couple for themselves. Initial planning was partly changed by dismantling walls: kitchen, living room and hall were combined into open space. Areas were zoned by textures, materials, colors. Special attention was paid to artificial lightning as there is a lack of sunshine. All the furniture was made by author’s drawings. A large number of interior objects were made personally by the authors: all textiles, floor lamps, interior decoration . For example, a coffee table primarily metal structure of unknown purpose, was found on the industrial zone, then dyed and equipped with thick glass.

Location; Lviv, Ukraine
Size: 52 m2
Type: Residential
Building Status: done in 2012
Project Designers: Andriy Khir, Oksana Sinkevych
Firm: Forma line
Budget: about $10 000

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