The Dune by Déri Design

“The Dune” was a semi-circular stage with a 36 meter LED showing abstract animations. The wide and inviting feel was enhanced by a progressive animation specially designed for the stand, carrying the emotional message throughout the complete hall with an impressive long-range visibility .

Within the Dune, there were sitting areas with interactive displays, highly appreciated by visitors for working or relaxing on site. A series of interactive “trefoil”-pods delivered detailed information on four synchronized screens.

In addition to the LED stage, there was a wide Hybrid-Racing area focussing on the Le Mans 24h race. While the Wave had a calm, harmonic design, this area created a complete contrast to it,
with hard polygonal edges and a fierce red colour dominating.

Visitors enjoyed a lively experience of Le Mans through a combination of powerful design elements, playful interactions and a dramatic documentary of the 2012 race.

Concept, design and communication (animations, films, interactive) by Déri Design.
Realisation, construction, engineering and logistics by b+s Exhibitions.
Photography: H.G. Esch.

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