Bus station Hamburg by Blunck-Morgen Architekten

A central pedestrian bridge connects the newly built bus station in Hamburg Poppenbüttel with the rapid transit rail link and the park+ride car park. Hamburg’s elevated railway station is the first component in the process of restructuring and catering for disabled access at the local public transport hub Poppenbüttel. The thinking behind the design for the new ensemble was to create
an airborne sculpture.

The hovering wingshaped roof, with its 1800 m²-surface area, is the striking design element in the modernised bus station, and its light almost floating appearance makes a major impact. The flooring comprises only a few materials, which you might say ‘flow’ under the wing and further emphasise the suspended character of the roof. The sail itself is supported by steel
supports. ALUCOBOND® cladding, bent along two axes, merges seamlessly with the membrane surface.

Premises belonging to the Hamburg Elevated Railway are located under the mixture of wing and membrane roof as are toilet facilities, shops, break rooms for the drivers and waiting areas for the passengers. Eight bus bays are located around the island allowing buses to access them independently. The limited capacity of the old bus station, built in 1973, was the crucial
factor in prompting the modernisation.

Less than fifty years ago, only 20 000 passengers passed through Poppenbüttel every day; nowadays that figure has tripled. The bus transfer station has been transformed from a sheltered waiting area in the centre of Poppenbüttel into a flagship of public
transportation and urban planning. The Hamburg Architecture and Engineering Association (AIV e.v Hamburg) has awarded the bus station the title “Building of the Year 2009”. The jury particularly appreciated the lightness and transparency of the new building.

Architects: Blunck-Morgen Architekten Hamburg, WTM Ingenieure Hamburg,Martin Tamke, all Germany
Fabricator: BVG Blechverformungsges. mbH, Schwarzenbek, Germany & Brinkmann, Lemgo Brake, Germany
Construction: Tray Panels
Year of Construction: 2009
Product: ALUCOBOND® pure white 10
Photos: © www.archimages.de

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