Hotel School by Fuksas

Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas have inaugurated a new public building in France: the Georges Freche School of Hotel Managementin Montpellier. The architects at Studio Fuksas were not only responsible for the over all architecture but have also designed the areas open to public: a hotel and three restaurants.

Built on 1,95 hectares , the Lycée Georges Freche hotel-school transforms the landscape and provides it with its own distinct urban identity. The project is a horizontal volume, simultaneously boasting mirrored repetition and unique geometric forms. Although it comprises two main buildings connected by a central courtyard, the architects designed the complex as a single entity. The volumetric complexity, which is evident even inside the building, ensures every room hasits own spatial individuality.

The first building has three floors and includes: the multipurpose room, the exhibition gallery, the administrative offices, the classrooms and the canteen which has exits leading towards the recreational areas outside.

The second two floor building is distinguished by its Y shape.This is where the vocational teaching space and areas dedicated to the hotel and the restaurantare located: a hotel that is open to the public; three restaurants, one of whichis a gourmet restaurant, a brasserie and a teaching restaurant, a bakery and a patisserie.

The gourmet restaurant, the brasserie and the 4-star hotel show case the school’s excellence and are the project’s most important areas. The entrance for the students and the professors is through an arch where as the entrance for the public is located on the other side. The complex’s two buildings constitute a sculptural entity and central hub for the gym, the students’ residence and the management accommodation. The school walls and those of the students’ residence are painted in a different colour on each floor,with shades ranging from yellow to green and from magenta to orange.

The colours serve as signage and means of orientation. The façades of the building have been constructed using 17,000 ALUCOBOND® triangular tray panels. Each panel is unique and carries its own specific bar code so that it can be placed in its designated position in the façade. The interaction between the façades reinforces the dynamic tension between solid materials and hollow areas, between light and the shadows which are an inherent part of the project. The geometric design of the aluminum composite skin is also applied to the 5,000 triangular windows, each one of which is different.

Project: Lycée Georges Freche, Montpellier, France
Architect: Massimiliano and DorianaFuksas, Rome, Paris
Fabricator / Installer: Tim Composites / SMAC Toulouse
Construction: Tray Panels
Year of Construction: 2012
Product: ALUCOBOND® Anodized Look C0/EV1
Photos: Moreno Maggi

source: 3A Composites GmbH

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