Zoo lounge and club by studioConcepto

The latest renovation and design of Zoo, was a project of the studioConcepto team, a group of young and motivated designers and architects based on the concept that design is not simply a job but an art form. The studio is located across the club in the historic part of the city specializing in Architecture and Interior Design, Renovation and Decoration, providing unique and contemporary designs for hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, retail and residential spaces.

Zoo lounge and club is one of the oldest and most popular night clubs in Nicosia, located at the border line of the commercial part and the historic center of the city in Stasinou Avenue. Zoo occupies the ground level, the 3rd and the 4th floor of a four floor building.

Zoo is divided in Zoo lounge and restaurant bar and Zoo Club. Sharing the same entrance the two spaces were designed for both lounge and clubbing moods.

The lounge that is located on the street level was designed with an Asian minimalistic touch combining straight lines and smooth lighting. Wood is the main characteristic of the place giving a special touch in the ultimate balance of black and white. Custom design installations made of wooden stripes and lighting is reforming the white canvas of the walls.

A custom design lamp, made of 500 pieces of clear round crystal is creating a crystal cloud above the long central bar. Special lighting was designed in order to create reflection effects to the crystals generating a unique atmosphere in the space. The atmosphere created by the new design is perfectly matched with the eclectic cuisine and the exotic cocktails that are served.

With views over the Venetian walls that surrounds the historical center and the new Eleftheria’ s square ( the connecting passage of the two parts of the city, old and new), Zoo Club is the hot spot for the clubbers of the Cypriot capital. Metal structures and black color is the main characteristics of this venue. An eight meter wall covered of white leather panels is found in the center of the space being the background of special lighting effects and projections. The dj’s box is attached on the four level, hanging in the void above the main bar of the third level. A group of chandeliers hanging from the roof skylight are filling the void giving a touch of color and smooth lighting in the dark atmosphere of the club.

source: studioconcepto.net

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