D-Tales café-bar by Ismini Karali

D-Tales is a new café – bar, just opened it’s doors at the begining of June 2013 and it is situated at Tripolis, Greece. It is also located at the ground floor of a neoclassical building at the central square of the town. The space which consists of a bold concept with immaculate detailing made out of high quality precious warm materials such as oak wood and cooper which when merged together create an essence of luxury. The shadows of the cooper panels blended with the warmth of the wood and they reflect at the mirrors.

The huge, spellbinding ring light is hanging in the middle of the ceiling made out of cooper too.

The gorgeous color palette gives the space a stylish bold moody feel because of the contrast with the blue – emerald paint.

On both sides of the ceiling are placed large mirror panels, mounted at an angle, which reflect the whole place.

Outstanding elements such as the oak bar and extravagant but beautifully designed stands flourishes such as the use of curved mirrors on the columns and the special led lighting to add subtle sparkle, enhanced in the mirrors’ reflection, adding to the overall atmosphere.

This smooth atmosphere of D-Tales café–bar definitely feels like a luxurious and special place to unwind.

source: isminikarali.com

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