Il Forno Restaurants by Plasma

Structures and piping fully exposed, reclaimed wood, concrete and metal in its purest form, with lighting, color and vegetation accents. This composition seeks to high light the beauty of imperfections and the nobility of materials and allows space to become a functional design that facilitates maintenance and makes possible subsequent recycling. The design of the site is an exploration for new ways to give a new look to IL FORNO Restaurants traditional atmosphere.

Architectural and interior design: Plasma Diseño + Juan Camilo Llano
Designteam: Juan Camilo Llano, Alexandra Sánchez, Sebastián Montoya, David Patiño, Juan E. Ballesteros, Javier Gómez, Carlos García
Production: Clara Cuartas + NODO + LOCKER + VIDA ÚTIL + Juan Camilo Gómez
Cliente: La Receta
Location: Primer Parque de Laureles (Barrio Laureles. MDE, COL)
Medellín, Colombia


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