“Mercado” fast casual restaurant by Carlos Vilar Architect

After plenty of time spent on field in Spain visiting the most popular and successful bars and restaurants from Madrid and Barcelona, I could collect all sort of images and experiences from which I could start designing “MERCADO”. The main goal of this project was to make a high quality design without forgetting the customer´s perspective. It had to be friendly and casual, fresh and comfortable. But also it had to be able to attract people to step into it and generate a unique atmosphere of freedom.

In order to do this the whole project is thought as an “extension” of the street. Therefore a brief example of how we spaniards live outdoors and the relations we create around food, around people. In Mercado restaurant, the customer area works as a multilayered screen to attract pedestrians to step into the restaurant. Elements like the sloped blackboard with recipes and old illustrations, a vintage bar based in old advertisements of Madrid stores, the versatile furniture disposition, the black and yellow tiles on the back of the bar, the steel made shelves on the delicatessen area, etc…All this elements set up a game with the customers, generating an innocent disposition within them which can attract them into the restaurant. Once they are inside there are no restrictions at all, so the customers are featured with the richest gastronomic experience of Spanish delights, deciding whether to eat standing, seated, or simply walking around thinking what is going to be the next bite or drink.

Gdansk, Poland, April 2012

source: Carlos Vilar

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