Etnographic Center by AMVC Arquitectos Associados

SITE: A house of wealthy farmers located in the historic core of the village Várzea de Calde, extreme north of Viseu’s district. The house fits into a very interesting group, which comprises a medieval winepress, an oven, wine cellar and a surrounding outdoor space.

PROGRAM | INTERVENTION CONCEPT: The proposal to convert the space into an Ethnographic museum is based on the need to preserve and revitalize a century-old village, fighting urban decharacterization, depopulation and the consequent disappearance of its cultural identity.

Taking into account the factors of local identity, specifically the ethnographic characteristics, is a visible tendency the ruralization of the economic life of the village, which was made over the centuries and preserved in a modus Vivendi that has remained almost unchanged until today, result of a certain distance from urban centers. These aspects are consolidated by customs and collective memory, intending now to gather these elements in a space where they can be seen.

The design intent goes in the way of restructuring these spaces, maintaining, where possible, the memories they bring.
The proposed concept involves patrimonial and cultural revalorization, focusing on the Ethnographic Museum (developed in the main house) an estate composed by agricultural tools, as well as traditional crafts. The idea is based on the re-creation of living and working environments of the population, organizing the space in a contextualized way, always with a precise theme. It is intended to recover the partially ruined medieval mill, which maintains its granite walls in a considerable state of preservation.

In the space that was once the cellar, completely ruined, it is proposed a new construction, more contemporary, consentaneous with the pre-existence. For the adjacent green space, it will serve as support of the different buildings, acting as a unifying bond of the proposal.

Address: Várzea de Calde, Viseu, Portugal
Project: 2004-2005
Construction: 2006-2007
Area: 756 m²

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