Apartment in Kyiv by Ivan Yurima Architects

The interior solution of the apartment which is situated in Pechersk district of Kyiv. The clients are modern family with progressive attitude to life.

Zoning focuses on rational use of space and natural lighting of the rooms. Planning solution of the apartment is based on the principle of flowing spaces and the absence of corridors. Thus there are six rooms and three bathrooms which don’t influence on the open space. Each room is individualized but it is a part of a general concept.

The project concept is based on the principles of functionalism and minimalism. The simplicity of interior decision emphasizes the dynamics and openness of the idea. Wood and cold white colour prevail in trim work. Light and colour flow from one room to another. Special attention is paid to detailing and quality of materials. Eco-friendly materials and energy-saving technologies are used in the project.

The apartment is equipped with the automatic system of safety and comfortable living. The artificial lighting is created from the point of view on rooms’ setting and family needs. The management of lighting is automated, the manual adjustment and switching are performed with the help of sensor switches and mobile devices.

The name of the company: Ivan Yurima Architects
The team: Ivan Yurima, Julia Selimova, Mikhail Vasin
Web-site: https://www.facebook.com/yurima.architects
The name of the project: Apartment in Kyiv
Total area: 200 m2
The year and the place of fulfilling the project: 2013, Kyiv
A photographer: Andrey Posonsky

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