Brewinc Shed Houses by JDWA

As part of the redevelopment of the former Brewinc College into a housing & culture cluster the old practice rooms of this former trade school are transformed into 24 starter homes, with ample outdoor space and integrated parking facilities. With this redevelopment in the centre of Doetinchem a unique combination of “Facilities for the city” and “relaxed living in the centre” is realised.

Masterplan former Brewinc College – The old Brewinc College is the oldest monument of postwar Doetinchem . The typical fifties school consists of some classrooms and some practice rooms with characteristic shed roofs. Through a combination of intensive reuse and demolition/construction this site can become a vibrant place for culture and urban living in Doetinchem city centre. Commissioned by the City of Doetinchem , Johan De Wachter Architects formulated the masterplan for the redevelopment of the entire Brewinc Location. Along with the future users, we drafted the program of requirements and the outline for the “culture cluster” in the former school. The reuse of the former practice rooms and the development of “shed-houses” was an essential part of the urban plan for the Brewinc location. Each shed transformed into a new starter home.

Sturdy loft apartments – Designed by Johan De Wachter Architects bv and realized by the combination Koopmans – Wam & Vanduren the practice rooms of the former technical school were perfectly suited for the realization of unique starter homes with spacious private outdoor space. Despite the compact size of these homes (approx. 80 m²) the light, air and the characteristic atmosphere under the shed roofs are unique living qualities. The spaciousness of the sheds remains optimal. The characteristic structure of the sheds with the white façade frames, the large glass doors and shed roofs continue to set the mood. The sheds are part of the new Brewinc residential court that is part of the route of the Simonsplein to Hamburgerbroek. The court completes this urban network of streets and squares.

The building structure of the Shed houses is not only iconic in the city, but also ensures a special living experience with an industrial touch. The relaxed and open relationship with the outside of the house emphasizes the sturdy and somewhat informal atmosphere in the court. A parking garage for 72 cars is provided at ground level inside the building. The houses fold around the garage so preserving the unique living atmosphere at the court.

Office: JDWA – Johan De Wachter Architects
City: Rotterdam
Country: The Netherlands
Project name: Brewinc Shed Houses
Location: IJsselkade C. Missetstraat, Doetinchem, Nederland
Design team: Johan De Wachter, Marieke van Hensbergen, Kim van Den Hoven, Patricia Mata
Type project: Repurposing of practice rooms of former trade school into 24 starter houses with roof terraces and integrated parking facilities.
Client: Koopmans – WAM&VanDuren
Contractor: WAM&VanDuren
Finished: June 2013
All Images: © JDWA – Johan De Wachter Architecten

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