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Treehouse competition


he competition invites participants to design an Original Contemporary Treehouse for use by a professional city couple as an escape space and retreat lodging to be used by the couple to recharge and feel close to nature. The Treehouse could be set on any woods, park land, Island, mountain top or large garden landscape with great views and connection to nature. It should be a cabin that allows them to connect and enjoy nature – the daylight, moonlight, stars and the sounds of nature (waterfalls, wind, birds, insects and other natural inhabitants).

Treehouses have a magic that stimulate imaginations in natural surroundings and an unforgettable adventure. The uniqueness of a evey Treehouse based on the unique feature of the host tree or trees adds to the childhood dream fairy tale like hideout, adventure playground or a space of great escape, set high in the sky. It is also a space of retreat transporting adults from the stresses of everything reality to a world high up the tree-top to be close to nature. Treehouse can be on any deciduous or coniferous trees such as oak, beech, maple, ash, cedar, hemlock, fir, larch or juniper. Participants are also free to use other strong and healthy trees types for their design proposal. Participants are also free to explore the possibilities of placing the Treehouse module amongst the trees, without directly using the branches or trunks but project the illusion of it is being carried by the tree.

The Treehouse design must be elevated at least 2.5 meters from the ground and should include the following :
- Self-contained Treehouse module for the City Professional Couple
•  Sleeping Bed, Couch, storage, bathroom with shower or bath, sink and toilet.
•  Small Library / Reading area with great views into nature.
•  Mostly Naturally light by daylight, moonlight and temperature / sky viewing control possibility e.g using insulation, windows, skylights etc..
•  External Observation area – Balcony, Terrace or viewing platform enjoying the wide life and stars at night.
•  Good Access and Exit to the Treehouse
• Total Internal Space: 20 Square Meters (Excluding External or Terrace Space)
• Site: Open to participants.

All designs proposal should show and detail how the Treehouse is to be supported, anchored and secured onto the Tree as part of the design consideration with the welfare of the Tree and safety of users a priority. Participants are open to suggest solution for artificial lighting, insulation, water, temperature regulation, drainage and waste disposal.

Registration: 07. November 2013 - 01. April 2014

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