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Full Of Style is the first Polish online shop athering native fashion designers. When its owners decided to open a completely non-virtual store in “Złote Tarasy” shopping mall in Warsaw, they asked for an assistance to mode:lina studio.

In the shop’s offer, there are both things from famous designers and young artists as well. The variety of clothing required to create a neutral, well-exposing background. Hence the idea to use light woodish texture, which particularly pleased the owners who love raw, Scandinavian style. Concept for arranging this simple material, was playing with texture layering. It “wanders” in different directions on the walls and floor, smoothly passing into the counter, which is finished with smooth white Corian, contrasting with dynamic lines.

In Full Of Style mannequins are not considered. All the clothes are displayed on the models. Also, you will not find them in the interior of the store. Instead of mannequins, architects designed convenient hangers and cubicle racks. Bright texture of raw wood is complimented with contrasting black frames, huge industrial lamps over shop counter and well-exposed store logo. An inscription at the exit is a simple idea for a non-obvious communication with customers.

Project: Full of Style designer clothes store
Design: mode:lina architekci architectural studio
(Paweł Garus & Jerzy Woźniak)
Project Team: Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Kinga Kin
Completion: Wrzesień 2013 / September 2013
Location: Warszawa, Złote Tarasy
Area: 50 m2
Photos: mode:lina

source: modelina-architekci.com

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