Apartment in Yerevan by Ithaka

The apartment with total area of 160 sq.m. is located in Yerevan and belongs to a young couple with a small child. The apartment consists of a living room combined with a dining area and a kitchen, a bedroom for the hosts with a spacious bathroom and a dressing room, bedrooms for the guests and the kid and a guest bathroom.
Large windows on the wall of the living room and the dining area provide light into the space and create a bright atmosphere.
Flooring of the living spaces is made of oak. Ceramic tiles are used for the floors in the rest of spaces.
The master bathroom is designed with use of small glass mosaics of blue color, which gives a feeling of freshness in the bathroom.
Slabs of travertine stone are used for the walls of the guest bathroom.

Project Name: Apartment in Yerevan
Architects: Telemak ANANYAN, Gohar ISAKHANYAN
Phothograph: Suren MANVELYAN
Design Year : 2012
Implementation Year: 2013

source: ithaka.ru/eng

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