Belas House by Estúdio Urbano

The house is located inside the Belas Clube de Campo, a private condominium, where topography allowed to maximize exterior areas and offer privacy to the users.

The project extends throughout three floors; the first floor comprehends garage, maid room, laundry room and technical area; the second floor comprehends the office, living room, kitchen and bedrooms; the third floor is entirely occupied with the master bedroom.

The tension between the house and garden is obtained through the creation of “balconies” that are intentionaly higher than needed. The same tension was created between the house and the sky through the thick solar shades. Autochthonous vegetation occupies the extensive gardened areas.

Single house at Belas Clube de Campo, Sintra
Time frame – 2009/2012
Architecture team – Estúdio Urbano A.A. Ldª – Alain

Gameiro e Ana Duarte
Engineering team – Pórtico Vertical Ldª – Pedro

Landscape architecture team – Gonçalo Anastácio
Photography: Joao Morgado – Architectural Photography

Program – Habitation
Plot area – 2133m2
Construction area- 587m2
Typology – T4+1
State – Built


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