Enlargement National German Library by Gabriele Glöckler

The fourth extension of the German NationalLibrary in Leipzig is bold and unconventional.According to the architect, Gabriele Glöckler:“The concept ‘envelope– cover – contents’translates the function of the building into architecture.“Function creates form”, is the architect’smotto. “The contents are protectedby a compact cover around the repositoryarea. A lighter envelope forms the exteriorshell and connects the separate areas”, sheexplains. “Allusion is made to both Leipzig’smusical tradition and the German Music Archivesby using façade elements in graduatedtones of red to interpret Bach’s GoldbergVariation number four.” The first two annexesstretch out behind the façade of the GermanLibrary, built in 1912 by Oskar Pusch. In1982, however, the GDR, set a dry, windowlesscomplex consisting of five high towersslightly apart from the historic building. Thenew extension now closes this gap and linksthe neo-classical rectangular building, renderedless severe by Viennese art-nouveaunuances, with the book towers to form awhole entity. The new extension means thethree very different building styles now interactwith one another. An overall surface of14.000 square meters now shelters the GermanMusic Archive, previously in Berlin, andthe German Book and Writing Museum. Theenormous surface area is spread over ninefloors, three of which were built underground.Back on the surface, the transparent extensionis truly compelling. The ground floorserves as permanent or special exhibitionspace. Above the vitreous foyer the four mainfloors are clad with a silver envelope made ofALUCOBOND®.

Project: Enlargement National German Library, Leipzig, Germany
Design: Gabriele Glöckler
Planning & Realisation: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Gabriele Glöckler | ZSP Architekten, Germany
Fabricator/Installer: Fa. Aluform, Bad Rappenau, Germany
Fa. Henke, Dresden, Germany
Year of Construction: 2011
Product: ALUCOBOND® Brillant Metallic & Pure White 10
Photos: Gabriele Glöckler – Photographer: Maix Mayer

source: 3AComposites.com

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