Kufra Multi-functional Hall by Daniela Colli

The Kufra Hall is a multifunctional space located inside the Oasi di Kufra hotel in Sabaudia, it overlooks a beautiful beach with views of mount Circeo.

Located in the basement of the hotel, built in the seventies, the Kufra Hall is a circular space. With its structure made of partition walls, pillars, a coffered raw concrete ceiling and no natural light, the place was essentially gray, but even though with a strong potential.

Its transformation into a multi-purpose space intended for mixed uses could only be possible through the creation of an environment with various souls, a place capable to astonish through its multiple contemporary expressiveness. A place where most playful entertainments as disco parties can alternate to more conventional events, such as conferences and business meetings.

The combination of architecture, light and sound are the key elements that led to the transformation of a large blank box into a continuously evolving space, exuberant with people and activities, a bright environment where the use of light creates emotionally captivating scenarios and stories.

Inside, the presence of newly designed elements, such as the bar, the control room and the stage does not spoil the sense of spatial flow of the layout. The new volumes flawlessly merge into the reinforced concrete cylinder that represents the rigid structural skeleton.

White colour is dominant in its minimalism. it amplifies the fluid outlines of the hall and creates a neutral homogeneous container, dominated by the contrasts of black horizontal planes, glossy and matte surfaces, lights and shadows.

Like sentries between the two ring areas of the hall, pillars are white cylinders enveloped by an ethereal metal mesh. The lozenge mesh stretches, bends, opens like a flower corolla, in the virtual support of the ceiling, it provides verticality to the lower volume of the first ring and emphasizes the height of the main hall, an abstract volume made of horizontal planes and light.

The black flooring and a ‘glowing crown’, consisting of lozenge shaped, white lacquered MDF panels create an emotional space – a sensorial environment enveloped in light and sound.

The lozenges hang from the ceiling by means of steel ropes and are equipped with a 700 m long strip of LED lights that are set inside their thickness. Together with a considerable noise reduction, they contribute to the sound control and diffusion, so obtaining high performances in terms of quality and functionality.
A large scale lozenge carves the fluid volume of the bar. Like a super hero mask, it frames the bar counter and represents the most magnetic feature of the disco. Made of white lacquered glass with corian edges, the bar counter displays a Laminam backdrop with decorative back-lit elements inspired by the form of the Sombrero Galaxy in the Virgo constellation.

Throughout the interior, the lighting system, totally LED dimmable, merges with architecture. Light sources disappear, as for the ‘glowing crown’ or blend as by XRG 1036 by Panzeri and by Modular Lotis smarts. In some cases they change colour through a RGB system, so maximizing the volumetric and dimensional plays of the cone light halos in the bar area.

Functional changes can rapidly take place with the help of moveable elements with retractable mechanical installation devices and a sophisticated home automation system. This allows a resources optimization, reduces energy consumption and achieves a comfortable acoustic and lighting environment, giving life to an extremely sophisticated technological universe, where the real space merges with the virtual one, just awaiting to be experienced.

location: Strada Lungomare, km. 29.800 – SABAUDIA (LT) – Italy
Superface: 770 sqm
Capacity: 450 people
Year of construction: july 2013
Designer: COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO – arch. Daniela Colli – Roma
Client: OASI DI KUFRA gestioni alberghiere s.r.l, Sabaudia (LT) – Italy
Photograper: Matteo Piazza – Milano

source: collidaniela.com

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