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Stefan-Andres school by Harter+Kanzler Architekten


On the site of the Stefan-Andres school in Schweich the school building it self as well as a canteen have been built. At the same time the city of Schweich erected a public centrum. The synergetic effect is that the school canteen and the public room can be joined for an audience up to 500 people.
Characteristic element of the new building is the façade with concrete parts on the ground level underlining the horizontal pattern of the structure. From the street view the building seems to float. Closed façade parts have been cladded with large ALUCOBOND® panels. All metal surfaces show a dark anodized look, optically seeming to be suppressed. Thus the horizontal layout is supported again. Dark metal lamellas create a continuous pattern all around the building, being superimposed by brighter ones (symbolizing different social groups).
The multilayered façade brings different transparency levels, thus creating a diversified image to the beholder

Location: Stefan-Andres-Straße 1, 54338 Schweich, Germany
Owner: : Landkreis Trier-Saarburg
Architect: Harter+Kanzler Architekten Freiburg
Pictures: Olaf Herzog




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