Caché | Architectural Coverings by Factor:Recurso

Located east of Centrito Valle, in San Pedro Garza García, NL, Caché Architectural Coverings aims to offer an exclusive experience in selecting and consulting design finishes.

The renovated showroom concept identifies the phenomenological aspects that influence the process of decision-making and aims to materialize the necessary circumstances to promote a kinesthetic experience, maximizing the relationship between product and customer.

It immerses the user in a continuous path and surface selection process through an interface of information organized in particular units (pixels) of material on a consistent line of sight.

The voluntary absence of brands democratizes the product range offer, providing choice in relation to the strict identification of design elements that characterize the products, such as texture, shape, color tone/value/saturation, line, and pattern. The model is replicated throughout the space, exposing the user to patterns or drawings with a specific intention of classification and countless graphic possibilities.

This intelligent, interactive and dynamic collection incites a comparative grab n ‘go process. Visualization, comparison and product selection is supported by a continuous lectern and horizontal work surfaces that shelter the life-size samples of the products for further detailed inspection.

The result is a sober and elegant atmosphere, which focuses attention on the visual properties of the finishes. The exhibition space is complemented with a lounge area. Decorative finishes such as blinds or reliefs are located on movable totems that can be transported through space and different lighting qualities to form part of the selection process.

Project: Caché | Architectural Coverings
Architects: Factor:Recurso
Team in charge: Rodney Robles, Mónica Mora, Julia Pizaña, Gerardo Lan, Rodolfo

Collaboration: Mariana Maciel.
Branding: Stelier.
Photographs: © Carlos Rodríguez Garrido
Year: 2014
Area: 340 m2
Location: San Pedro Garza García, MX
Typology: Showroom.
Mexico; 2014


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