CCD by AT 103 Julio Amezcua + Francisco Pardo

The Digital Culture Center is located in the basement of the Estela de Luz, on Paseo de la Reforma. The center has an area of 3000 sqm divided into two levels.

Under the request of CONACULTA, we sketched a center where all citizens could have access to new technologies and artistic expressions derived from the digital world.

The program includes a movie theater for 120 people-being an extension of the National Film-, a multipurpose area for performing arts, a digital showroom with an interactive LED screen, a memorial room, bar, cafeteria, offices and services area.

CONACULTA’s motto made us work within a short schedule and reduced cost, thus working with a design strategy that wouldn’t infringe the existing anatomy of the place.

At the first level the program is ordered by uses, contained by a constructive line that exerts the hierarchy level of privacy and space through the interplay of different materials and their opacity, glass to wood, and then into a digital LED display of 15 meters long by 2.20m high. At the second level, the constructive line begins to blur, but not before containing part of the program and emphasizing the multipurpose area for performing arts.

Thus the Estela de Luz, the classic anthropomorphic monument dedicated to contemplation becomes a living monument for the recreational use of families, children, youth and adults, breaking the traditional mold of no interaction between the idea of monument and livability.

In the CCD, the space emphasizes a vision for the future, contextualizing and understanding the current landscape of the city, integrating new emerging technologies, creating a space full of interactive systems that meet the changing needs of the individual and social developmental demands.

Project: Centro de Cultura Digital CCD
Architect: AT 103 Julio Amezcua + Francisco Pardo
Design team: Karen Burkard, Alan Orozco
Production team: Jose Luis Fajardo, Luis Guisar, Gabriela Terán, Tommy Tonatiuh, Aaron Rivera
Location: Ciudad de México
Year: 2012
M2: 2,400
Photography: Adam Wiseman


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