Exhibition Children’s Illustration by Pedro Cabrito + Isabel Diniz

Ilustrarte 14, Biennial International Exhibition of Children’s Books Illustration
For this Ilustrarte 14, we have crossed illustration for children with the playful and creative dimension of the act of playing, in a solution that explores the formal features of the famous colorful toy blocks, timeless in its simplicity and potential for discovery.
It is noteworthy that the first concept model has been literally assembled using a set of blocks bought at a toy store.

These objects remain recognizable and communicative, extracted from the everyday iconography, transforming banal into an exercise that brings us closer to the creative process of illustrating.
Starting from this basic vocabulary of prismatic elements, we decided to associate a new material – high density foam – with an appealing sensory quality, inducing a tactile experience and a playful interaction, in brief, stimulating imagination and participation.
The 150 illustrations are thus shown in sets of foam blocks provisionally grouped, combined and recombined in a purely recreational logic, extending the graphic game of the illustrations to a volumetric game that transforms space and defies our desire to play.

Exhibition Design: Pedro Cabrito + Isabel Diniz architects
Curators: Ju Godinho, Eduardo Filipe
Graphic Design: Silvadesigners
Constructor: Eurostand
Organization and Production: Ver Pra Ler / EDP Foundation
Location: Museum of Electricity, Central Tejo, Lisbon
Dates: 17th January – 13th April 2014

source: joaomorgado.com

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