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Gdynia Port Pilot Station by NANU architecture


Gdynia and its Port is well known for its modernism buildings from the thirties of the twentieth century. Whole city was designed and developed from scratch just in 10 years. In the early thirties on a plot at Chrzanowskiego Street a House of Pilots was developed. From that time the surrounding plots has not been built until modern times. In 2011 we were asked to design a modern pilot station on a plot just opposite the historical House of Pilots. Main challenge was to create a contemporary response in the demanding environment of historic buildings.

The result is a simple white box form with large, different size openings randomly positioned on elevations. Natural choice of materials due to the site context. White plaster refers to the surrounding modernism. Copper window treatment, copper mesh and panels referes to colors of the port facilities. Program includes an office spaces, bedrooms for pilots, gym, workshop/garage and utility rooms.

Architects: NANU architecture
Location: Poland
Design Team: Maciej Nagórski, Marcin Długi
Area: 993 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Magdalena Ubysz




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