Office of Technology company by TSEH Architectural Group

It is always a pleasure to design for people which are very close to our spirit and especially to our professional field. We are lucky. We have worked with such customer.
The main activity of the company «SarMatEnergy» – is the design of complex engineering structures, such as oil and gas pipelines, oil stations and others.
According to this kind of business in interior’s concept we choose black element such as wire as a symbol of this natural resources.They seem to fall from the ceiling to the working tables and give electra energy. For this elements we designer a uniquely construction.

Glass is decorated with an special images-working drawings and diagrams from projects which made in the SarMatEnergy. The ceiling is left almost untouched.
The workspace is located on two stories – open and free, on the perimeter – glass cabinets in the center on each stories – conference room.

Desk in the Info-point in the lobby is made of black metal rough pipes. Coffee-room zone on the second floor is circled by black metal rough tubes which bump into floor/ceiling.
This tubes rest on the floor by metal balls (ball and socket joint) which were an automobile detail in the past.

Individual production is still weak in Aktau. We take this into account in our project. So, everything in the project, accept a basic construction materials and metal structures was brought from another country.
Field supervision was carried out remotely. The architects were at the the site only two times.
Simplicity of design was to prevent and reduce the number of errors and wrong decisions taken at the construction site without the architect.
S = 895 м2
2012-2013, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktau, 15 md


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