Voronezh Sea

Open International Ideas competition
The aim of this competition is to gather ideas on the renovation (ecological cleanup and improvement) of the Voronezh Reservoir so it can be more attractive for the population and used as a resource for the development of the city. Now the city and reservoir are barely integrated. There are no beaches and recreational zones. The projects should not only address the ecological issues, but also address the way the reservoir can be used in future, meaning that it should contain proposals on the urban development of the Reservoir and its direct surroundings. The projects can include proposals to change the form of the reservoir, for instance by reducing its size or the creation of artificial islands in shallow parts of the Reservoir.

The ideas should not necessarily concern the whole reservoir, but can be proposals for one or more parts. It is important to show how the proposal can be realized – they should be feasible both technically and financially.

Architects, urbanists, landscape architects and ecologists can take part in the open competition. The competition is also open to students in these fields.

The participants are asked to send in a drawing of 420 x 1782 mm (six pages A3) according to a template provided by the competition organizers. Since the scope and size of the proposals can be very diverse there are no requirements concerning scale.

Within Russia, the drawings are to be sent to the office of PROJECT MEDIA in Moscow, outside Russia they can be sent by courier or regular mail to the office of PROJECT RUSSIA in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I order to be able to communicate with the participants the organizers ask participants to register

Time schedule
March 20 Opening of the registration for the open ideas competition.
April 16 First answers to questions are sent out
May 7 Deadline for the posing of questions
May 14 Last answers to questions are sent out
June 14 Open ideas competition registration deadline
June 27 Projects for the open ideas competition should be received by 18:00
July 2 Jury of the open Ideas Competition

For more information: prorus.net
e-mail: voronezh[@]prorus.ru

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