Llibreria del Born by Jorge Pérez Val

We’ve just finished the interior design for a bookshop for Bestiari SCCL, group of catalonian bookshops, in the new Born Cultural Centre, placed in a magnificient cast-iron structure market of the late nineteenth century (1874-1876) in Born neighbourhood, a trendy area of Barcelona.

The cultural centre is builded around archeological remains founded during the refurbishment of the old marketplace. It consists of two exhibitions rooms, one multifunction room, one bar and one bookshop, besides the archeological remains.

We had the assignment to design the furniture, distribution and enlightenment for the bookshop. This was supposed to be a low-cost project because of the short-term franchise for the book-sellers company.

Old pictures of the former market with its commercial activity have inspired us to design this shop, pictures of workers carrying boxes, pictures of piles of boxes… This commercial activity remains in the bookshop nowadays.

We have used wooden boxes as furniture in a scenographic way. Boxes store and show books and objects instead of fruit and fish. We’ve tried to keep the market concept, the concept of bringing things in boxes and transferring it to someone else, we didn’t want to make a reproduction of an old market shop, …we just wanted to keep its spirit.

We like a minimalistic way of designing, just wood for furniture, and just one kind of box generates the different pieces of furniture that functional requests demand.

Furniture was manufactured by an industrial packaging company, achieving low-cost production fares. We have used standard solutions of packaging boxes to design furniture details. Most furniture is mobile and its position can be changed depending on functional requests.

Roseta y Ohiana, graphic design studio, has incorporated the graphic elements to the project.

Architect: Jorge Pérez Vale
Project: LLibreria del Born. Interior design. Bookshop at Born Cultural Centre
Opening: September 2013
Place: Born CC. El Born, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Photographer: Adrià Goula

source: jorgeperezvale.com

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