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The City of Chicago was recently presented with an exciting opportunity to potentially become the home of the George Lucas Museum.  With the recent rejection of a site in San Francisco, and Lucas taking up a second residence in Chicago with his new wife Mellody Hobson, he released an RFP for the city to host a potential site for the filmmaker’s collection of art and movie memorabilia.  Chicago may actually end up having two major landmarks come into the city – the Barack Obama Presidential Library and the Lucas Museum. VIATechnik is putting its resources toward making the Second City a prime landmark destination. Here’s how:

VIATechnik is sponsoring a very unique, once in a lifetime, museum design competition.  VIATechnik’s CEO, Danielle Dy Buncio explained what a great honor it is to host this unofficial contest where aspiring designers and architects can showcase their talents and passion for the Star Wars Franchise and it’s maker George Lucas, all while helping Chicago become a destination for the Lucas Cultural Museum.  George Lucas envisions an iconic museum in a 1st class city.  Dy Buncio explains that she hopes the winning submission showcases an iconic design while being mindful of (and taking advantage of) Chicago’s landscape, robust architectural history, and four seasons.

Please note that this contest is not sponsored by George Lucas, the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, Lucasfilm, or the City of Chicago.  Winning entries will be shared with the City of Chicago’s  Selection Task Force, but it does not guarantee in any way that any of the designs will be used by the Task Force.

Contest Closes June 15, 2014, so get started now!

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