Euston Street Residence by Knight Building Group

Boldly standing tall in Malvern, the striking façade demonstrates fearless architectural design featuring a variety of materials including the impressive use of ALUCOBOND® cladding. This home encases, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, open plan living, first floor retreat and three outdoor entertainment areas including alfresco dining and BBQ. Secure underground parking facilities come complete with a storage room. The house is built using quality materials, including an impressive custom-made recycled timber front door, bamboo floorboards and timber staircase with glass rails. The combination of materials in one home is striking and gives the home an edgy yet warm feel. The large windows make the house appear stately as they reach from floor to ceiling. The large streamlined kitchen comprises a stone bench top and custom designed cabinets. The huge master bedroom with walk in wardrobe provides ample functional space and the LED lighting throughout the house enhances the visual aesthetics.

Project: Euston Street Residence, Malvern, Victoria, Australia
Architect: Knight Building Group, Australia
Fabricator/Installer: Iskandar Construction Pty Ltd. Australia
Year of Construction: 2013
Product: ALUCOBOND® Smoke Silver Metallic
Photos: © Knight Building Group


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