Haberdasher Sarilhos de Linha by Helder de Carvalho

A haberdashery to rebuild and remodel. The concept begins on how to expose a panoply of small articles,
between sewing thread, wool, fabric and others buttons.
How to display such items?
On a shelf?
What is a shelf?
3 points withhold a plan, and this way the base is formed.
Why not in cloth?
A great variety of shapes and colours want to take it´s place. Between the warm green of nana´s living room,
a plan is assumed transforming into the whitest white!

architect: Helder de Carvalho e Vasco Melo
location: Penafiel, Portugal
projekt: Haberdasher Sarilhos de Linha – Galeria Gabinete by Helder de Carvalho e Vasco Melo
photos: © Jose Campos

source: josecamposphotography.com

3 thoughts on “Haberdasher Sarilhos de Linha by Helder de Carvalho”

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